The Challenge
The client was a 200 bed community hospital with an overcrowded Emergency Department and an outdated Cardiology Unit. They wanted to build a new Emergency Department with a new state-of-the-art cardiology unit on the ER’s second floor. The hospital was land locked and needed the county’s approval and help to close a road and a tax renewal to fund the expansion.

Working with a talented hospital executive team, TCI designed a plan to garner support for the tax proposal. Cohesive messaging based on surveys and focus groups was designed and used on a multimedia platform—digital, print, broadcast, direct mail and outdoor advertising. One-on-one meetings with key public figures and presentations to over 20 groups in the community enhanced the reach of the messaging. Media interviews generated factual stories and well publicized public meetings gave the community an opportunity to ask questions. The campaign had a grass tops and grass roots ground game. The opposition was organized and fierce.

The proposal was approved and today the people are served with a beautiful facility with leading technology and design. It is a point of community pride.