stock_chart_400The Issue
A publicly traded community bank contacted TCI to design a program and investor message that would help the institution set itself apart in a crowded industry.

Like many community banks, the institution blended into the investor landscape. Banks offer similar products that are often perceived as indistinguishable by institutional and individual investors.

The strategy was differentiation and branding. Bank executives met with TCI and discussed their products and services and described what made their bank different. The term “smartgrowth” was created by TCI to describe their growth strategy. After the initial launch of that branding term in the public market, the bank began to internalize it to loans and deposits and it became the common language of investor communications as well as bank operations. For 15 years, it was embedded in their image and it helped them to build their stock price and attract new customers. TCI consistently nurtured the brand during that period of time.

Their stock price grew from $13 per share to $25 in three years and in five years they attained a high of $54. They were very successful from an investor and operational perspective. TCI helped them to communicate to other banks when they decided to sell the company. They sold to the bank of their choice at a premium stock price.