The Challenge
The Chevron building which was damaged by Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans was purchased by a private firm. They converted it to a multiuse building for large and small tenants from a corporate headquarters format. The challenge was to re-brand the building and publicize the brand, facilities, amenities and its story of renewal.

The Solution
The building was slated to attract many technology based companies and one of those companies was involved in internet trading of receivables. TCI rebranded the building The Exchange Centre and developed the logo and complementary collateral materials. TCI publicized the brand, the building story, facilities and amenities. A launch campaign included a national press release, interviews, open house, speaking engagements to various groups, professional photography and website creation.

The building and its new branded name were featured in local and regional stories. Within a year the building had 50% tenancy and within three years it was 80% occupied. It also jumpstarted the rehabilitation of other buildings in this section of the central business district of New Orleans.