The Challenge
A national healthcare company wanted to focus on a set a management goals and track their progress.
Several clinical initiatives were begun but it was unclear about their progress at the unit level. The organization had a multistate operation and could track data but not the underlying causes of the data.

A series of focus groups identified communication gaps in the current structure. Building on this research, an organized system of management meetings was instituted with concomitant reporting guidelines. The busy organization wanted to receive the most information in the least amount of time so that the return on time investment was maximized. TCI designed the system of interfacing meetings with short reports focused on goals achieved and summary of strategies. Meetings were held weekly and there was accountability in the reporting structure. In fact, there was “no place to hide” the lack of progress or inefficiencies. Problems were solved rather than solutions delayed.

The organization over time became a high performing company that made excellent use of its resources. Enhanced revenue allowed the company to acquire other smaller companies and become more of a national player. The organization could not have achieved these results without this management communication system.