The Challenge

A new community hospital wanted to strengthen their brand and create more volume in outpatient services. Research indicated that the community did not know what services were offered or the large staff of primary care physicians and specialists who practiced at the hospital. TCI also learned that patients who used the hospital highly rated the experience.

TCI applied its “Performance Marketing” approach with timed execution of each strategy.
The approach included targeted health screenings to bring patients to the hospital with promotions on radio, billboard, print and direct mail formats. TV spots with a new branding theme and a comprehensive brochure mailed to households strengthened the brand image. Digital communication reinforced other platforms with a website redesign and new facebook page. The ground game of community leader organization and outreach meetings reinforced other strategies. Public relations events, award applications and press releases were integrated into the process

The results were excellent. After six months community leaders were surveyed:

  • 100% said they would be somewhat or very likely to recommend the hospital’s outpatient services to friends and family
  • 92% would be somewhat or very likely to recommend the hospital’s inpatient services
  • 96% would be somewhat or very likely to make an appointment with a hospital physician

After nine months comparing monthly December results with the previous December all outpatient services showed an increase:

  • Mammography 80%
  • Ultrasound 46%
  • CAT Scan 38%
  • MRI 20%

TCI believes in data driven marketing and the results show its effectiveness.