The Challenge
The organization needed to enroll 240,000 people in their insurance program which included five plan options. The communication of those plans was complex and each enrollment period brought thousands of complaints from individuals who felt that they had made the wrong choice and could not change until the next enrollment period. The client needed a stronger, simpler message during enrollment and a better communication platform that would lead to better decisions.

The key question was “What information would underlie better decisions by plan participants?” Statewide focus groups revealed the most important information. This information was simplified, vetted with insurance providers and crafted into understandable graphics and key messages in a digital presentation. Speakers were trained and companion handouts were created. Website modifications amplified the message and videos were created to further explain the most difficult concepts. These videos were posted on the website. There was tremendous resistance at first until the first enrollment cycle was completed.

After the first enrollment not one complaint was received by the Chief Executive Officer from a plan participant. Satisfaction surveys were received from the newsletter and the program ranked in the 4.0-4.5 range on a 1-5 scale.
The program was refined over a five year period and continued to show tremendous satisfaction ratings.
It was an unqualified success. Even its detractors after the first year were converted to supporters.