It is hard to admit at times that you are in “over your head.” But all growing organizations get to that point if they are successful. The question is when do you need outside expertise?

Four Reasons to Use a Consultant…

1. When you have tried to use internal talent to accomplish a critical task and it is not moving forward or in the right direction.  People protect their turf in organizations and often deny that their assigned goal is not being accomplished or they make excuses for the lack of progress. As a leader you should search out the truth and determine if that is indeed the case. If it is consider using outside talent.

2. When you have an initiative and as a Leader you know from the outset that your team doesn’t have the expertise or the time to implement it. Every organization has a team whose skills are based on what that organization is currently doing. When the direction changes, expertise is needed for the transition. Sometimes the expertise is there but other projects are underway and the team cannot meet the timeline for the initiative with the current workload. If they are tasked with the initiative progress will be very slow.

3. When there is so much resistance to a new directive, initiative, reorganization or tax election that an outside force is needed to initiate the change. The status quo is a powerful force. Prepare to do battle if you as a leader challenge it. It may cost you your position if you are unsuccessful. The business world is full of case studies that show an embattled leader going in the right direction but losing his or her position because he or she is a force for change.

4. When the task at hand is critical to the organization’s success. If a leader is faced with a critical and daunting task, the risk of failure outweighs the cost of a consultant. One must “load his or her guns” to ensure the right result. Your job may be on the line in this scenario.

As communication consultants for 17 years, TCI has worked with many organizations under stressful circumstances. We know the internal and external forces that hold organizations back. If you have a key project, issue or tax election, we can help the leader to develop a plan and to be persuasive.