Communication Design

The Challenge

Every industry is experiencing change at a faster pace than before. You need help exploiting those changes with strategic communication to clients, patients, employees, communities and media.

The Solution

As trusted advisors and consultants we can guide our clients through challenges and to opportunities. Whether our engagement is short-term for focused results or long-term for transformation, we work with passion and determination. Let us bring our expertise to your team.


Internal Communication

  • Research employee opinions with polling and focus groups
  • Design a program of internal management communications
  • Implement communications platform with consistency and accountability
  • Create CEO messaging in appropriate formats
  • TCI has a unique, proven internal communication format

Conference Presentations

  • Create effective messaging for conferences
  • Determine presentation format—video, PowerPoint, etc.
  • Develop presentation materials
  • Coach public speaking skillscials

Investor Communication

  • Create presentations for public market companies
  • Develop CEO messaging for Annual Report and Board Meetings
  • Script earnings conference calls
  • Prepare for investor conferences
  • Coach presenters for key events
  • Connect clients with local, regional and national journalists
  • Facilitate meetings with analysts
  • TCI has a 15 year successful track record with public companies

Change Management Communications

  • Build an effective platform for mergers, acquisitions or initiatives
  • Coordinate with leaders and other involved professionals
  • Create schedule, messaging and public relations activities
  • Include crisis communication techniques if obstacles arise

Communication Design Success Story

The organization needed to enroll 240,000 people in their insurance program which included five plan options. The communication of those plans was complex and each enrollment period brought thousands of complaints from individuals who felt that they had made the wrong choice and could not change until the next enrollment period…

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