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The Challenge

At the core of an integrated and seamless campaign is on-target messaging built on solid research.   Delivering the right message, at the right time through the right channel is the result of experience and expertise in this specialized area.

The Solution

It is like stained glass. Every piece must fit with precision for the whole to work. Coalition building, public relations and media placements are part of the mosaic and must be handled with care. Let us apply our expertise to your challenge.



  • Design opinion polls and focus group research
  • Tracking polls
  • Opposition research
  • Identify key public bodies and officials

Coalition Building

  • Build platform for grass roots and tops coalitions
  • Engage stakeholders
  • Schedule and manage public meetings
  • Facilitate meetings with officials

Public Relations

  • Research key media
  • Schedule interviews
  • Develop press materials
  • Monitor media outlets
  • Coach spokesperson


  • Create messaging based on research and analytics
  • Produce presentations and all media materials
  • Coach spokesperson


  • Research and analyze media options
  • Develop a budget and media plan
  • Create all media materials for multimedia platforms
  • Seamlessly implement media plan
  • Design social media and monitor traffic
  • Develop campaign website

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An NFL franchise team needed to gain state financial support so that the team could recruit talented coaches and players and provide a facility that enabled an excellent game experience.

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