Marketing Strategies

The Challenge

Marketing is the engine of growth for all organizations. Communication, public relations and marketing are the three drivers of growth especially in healthcare where TCI has 15 years of expertise.

The Solution

Using research, analytics, targeting and measurable approaches gives our clients the best return on their investment. We invite you to discuss your goals with our team.


  • Design research to learn target market preferences and attitudes
  • Work collaboratively with clients on research goals
  • Execute the right methodology to achieve the right results
  • Analyze and report the data in a transparent way
  • Create meaningful recommendations

PR+ Marketing

  • Platform combines community outreach with medical screening
  • Success and brand advertising to significantly boost a hospital or clinic’s patient volume and reputation
  • Excellent approach for competitive environments as well as community hospitals competing with urban medical centers

Content Marketing

  • Define the organization’s narrative
  • Develop stories to demonstrate services and quality
  • Utilize stories in blog, social media or ad platform
  • Solicit and measure responses
  • Develop trust in the brand

Healthcare Marketing

  • Build patient volume based on analytics and ROI
  • Assist clients with targeting to grow volume in selected service lines
  • Create brand messages and key media platforms
  • Integrate community outreach and public relations
  • Measure and report outcomes

Physician Brand Loyalty

  • Assess physician opinions
  • Analyze and report to leadership
  • Develop an engagement plan based on strengths
  • Systematically address weaknesses and communicate actions
  • Develop and inform physician leaders
  • Demonstrate the value of association

Marketing Strategy Success Story

A new community hospital wanted to strengthen their brand and create more volume in outpatient services. Research indicated that the community did not know what services were offered or the large staff of primary care physicians and specialists who practiced at the hospital. TCI also learned that patients who used the hospital highly rated the experience.
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