Public Relations

The Challenge

Our clients have powerful stories to tell.  It is our job to tell them to the right audience.  Community outreach, media relations and events are three critical elements in a successful campaign.  However, advising when and how to speak and grooming leaders to be speakers is also vital to success.

The Solution

Public Relations builds reputations and sometimes prevents reputations from being damaged. In our fast paced world of 24/7, media reputation creation and defense should both be in your playbook.

Reputation and Image Building

  • Conduct a reputation assessment
  • Analyze strengths and weaknesses
  • Create a PR plan with measureable goals
  • Define and engage key stakeholders
  • Develop messaging based on analytics
  • Identify and communicate with key media
  • Initiate a community support group
  • Maximize community outreach opportunities

Community Leader Coalitions

  • Identify community leaders
  • Form a core support group
  • Develop a quarterly exclusive event
  • Provide information and socialization
  • Ask for their input
  • Give access to organization’s leadership
  • Consistently communicate between events

PR+ Content Marketing

  • Identify key stories of physicians/patients/clients
  • Develop platforms to tell those stories
  • Create digital and social media channels
  • Engage in community outreach
  • Strengthen relationships with key media
  • Promote to key media to generate feature stories
  • Educate broadcast media to schedule interviews
  • Identify and train spokespersons

Public Relations Success Story

The Chevron building which was damaged by Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans was purchased by a private firm. They converted it to a multiuse building for large and small tenants from a corporate headquarters format. The challenge was to re-brand the building and publicize the brand, facilities, amenities and its story of renewal.

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