Tax Election Campaigns

The Challenge

An organization and the CEO put their reputations on the line when they put a ballot issue before the voters.  Tax elections are special areas of communication that require a comprehensive approach from research to strategies for early voting to on-target messaging and savvy media purchases.

The Solution

We have a blueprint that has won over $100 million dollars for organizations in sales and property tax elections.   We can bring our expertise to your team.


  • Design opinion polls and focus group research
  • Internal focus group research
  • Tracking polls

Coalition Building

  • Build a platform for grass roots and grass tops coalitions
  • Plan and manage meetings
  • Create messaging, presentations and collateral materials
  • Schedule and manage public meetings
  • Coordinate one on one meetings with public officials


  • Create messaging based on research and analytics
  • Produce presentations, print, broadcast and digital media
  • Coach presenters


  • Research and analyze media options
  • Develop a budget and media plan
  • Purchase media and coordinate with other outreach efforts
  • Produce all ad copy, broadcast and digital materials
  • Design social media for campaign and monitor traffic
  • Develop campaign website

Internal Messaging

  • Develop internal communication campaign
  • Create early voting strategies for staff
  • Utilize internal resources

Voting Strategies

  • Implement voting strategies for each time frame
  • Utilize key community leaders and organizational officers
  • Maintain motivation and momentum
  • Engage key voting groups

Public Relations

  • Research key media for PR opportunities
  • Schedule interviews with key media
  • Develop a press kit
  • Monitor media outlets
  • Coach and groom spokesperson

Tax Election Campaign Success Story

A community hospital wanted to build a Cancer Center to consolidate and upgrade their cancer services. They decided to renew a tax millage for that purpose. TCI planned, directed and organized their community outreach and tax campaign.

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