Adrian Percy

Research Professional

Analytical Thinker

As a researcher, Adrian is accustomed to gathering and analyzing data to lay a foundation for a project or issue.

Passionate Professional

Adrian brings enormous energy and enthusiasm to every project.  His passion is contagious and it doesn’t diminish with hard work.

Community Volunteer

Adrian is active in his community. He enjoys playing music for community events, organizing bike rides and promoting good causes  that improve the quality of life for his neighbors and friends.


Music is in his DNA.  Performing and enjoying the audience’s reaction to music is the joy of his life along with his family.

Adrian’s Strengths

Adrian is an excellent communicator who listens and understands the core of the client’s issue and can design the research strategies to ascertain the best information from the target audience.  He is an excellent facilitator and analytical thinker and writer.

  • Effective Communicator 100%
  • Listener 100%
  • Analytical Thinker 100%
  • Guitarist 90%

About Adrian

Adrian Percy has successfully conducted surveys and focus groups to provide research  to a wide variety of clients  including healthcare, banking, financial services, governmental agencies, education  and retail businesses.  With a twenty-five year history of  asking questions and providing clients with the information they need to plan and succeed, Adrian Percy continues to master his craft.  Adrian has a Master’s Degree from Louisiana State University and has been an adjunct instructor to undergraduate and graduate students.  He has been a research consultant to corporate and healthcare leaders and a trusted member of the TCI team for 17 years.  Since many of the TCI project start with research Adrian is often the first member of the team to work closely with clients and  his ability to listen and determine the right approach for the issue is remarkable. Adrian is a musician with the Fugitive Poets Band and plays the guitar and banjo.  He is also an avid bike rider and organizes charity rides through the hills of the Feliciana’s, an historic and picturesque area north of Baton Rouge.