Barbara Carey

President, TCI

Corporate Communicator

Barbara has guided CEOs of Healthcare and publicly traded companies to tell their company stories effectively to employees and their constituencies.

Forward Thinker

Barbara believes in innovation and bringing clients to the next level with new concepts and communication strategies. A fresh perspective is a major benefit of using a consulting firm.

Problem Solver

Whether it’s increasing market share, building internal communication or winning a tax, TCI’s problem solving abilities always come into play.

Presentation Extraordinaire

With a master’s degree in speech and years of public speaking and working with communities of all sizes, presentations  are a core strength of Barbara, her team and firm.

Barbara’s Strengths

Barbara Carey is a very astute listener.  Being able to understand the issue that clients bring to TCI and develop a plan and strategies to meet that issue is key to her 30 years of success in communication. However, leading a very experienced professional team is what produces TCIs remarkable results.   “We help our clients to tell a powerful story to win their issue.”

  • Intuition/Perceptive Skills 98%
  • Tenacity/Moxie 96%
  • Effective Communication 100%
  • Story Telling 100%

About Barbara

Barbara Carey has 30 years of success of working with clients on communication issues. She has developed TCI as a place where clients can bring challenging communication issues to experts who can help meet the challenge. The team of experts assembled by Mrs. Carey brings the best knowledge and expertise and their willingness to create innovative solutions. Thinking Big is our core competence only next to producing Big Results for our clients.

Barbara was formerly the Vice President of Corporate Communications of Amedisys, Inc., the largest publicly-traded home care company in the country. She worked on the initial public offering of Amedisys, guided their corporate governance structure, built their investor relations program, helped to recruit their current board of directors and was Vice President of Marketing along the way. She was at Amedisys for 10 years and communicated their story to multiple audiences. Prior to Amedisys, Barbara was the founder and owner of Associates III which was a private speech and hearing clinic in Baton Rouge. She also taught speech at Louisiana State University.

Barbara Carey has her BA and MA from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge and her MBA from Tulane University in New Orleans. She is a noted public speaker on communication topics and recently addressed the Quota International Convention in San Jose California on the topic of “Bullying in the Workplace.” Barbara was formerly International President of Quota International, an international service organization in 14 countries, headquartered in Washington, DC. Mrs. Carey gives back to the Baton Rouge Community and has been recognized as a “Volunteer Activist” – a community wide award presented to individuals for their contributions over time to significant projects in the Baton Rouge area.