David Gary

Web Development

Artistic Eye

David has an eye for quality and attention to detail.

Problem Solver

20 years in development helps him see and remedy issues early in a project.

Idea Generator

David comes up with new ideas for doing things more effectively.


David started his company in 1997, as one of the earliest web development companies.

David’s Strengths

David can simplify complicated tasks and come up with creative ways to communicate things with beauty and effectiveness. In the ever-changing world of technology and specifically web communications, these strengths come in handy for his clientele and help his team move past obstacles.

  • Problem Solver 98%
  • Team Coordinator 96%
  • Artistry 100%
  • Duck Hunting Competence 90%

About David

David owns and operates Redstick Internet, Baton Rouge’s oldest web development firm. TCI collaborates with Redstick Internet on communication and marketing projects which use the internet as the message delivery system. This company is the oldest and most renowned website company in the region. Many school and education related sites as well as many corporate sites are created and hosted by Redstick. Their client list is the Who’s Who of regional businesses including the State of Louisiana’s Office of Information Technology. With a 19 year history of creating, upgrading and innovating internet communications, TCI has the best possible partner for clients who need internet services.