Jennifer Looney

Social Media and Content Marketing

Digital Communicator

Jennifer exceeds at all things digital.  Tablets, phones, computers and databases are important in her world.

Graphic Artist

Jennifer has a wonderful visual sense which she uses in our content marketing projects.

Analytical Thinker

Jennifer is a problem solver. She can analyze complex messages and present them in an understandable way.


Content Marketer

Jennifer brings our content to life in our marketing programs with visual images and she helps us to target our audiences.

Jennifer’s Strengths

Jennifer’s strengths are data management and digital communication platforms.  She helps us to make our messaging in that medium interesting and on target.  She works well with the team members and offers a different perspective to our projects.

  • Digital Competence 100%
  • Work Ethic 100%
  • Teamwork 100%
  • Kickboxing Skills 60%

About Jennifer

Jennifer is an innovative technology expert.  She previously managed digital  programs at Pennington Biomedical Center Foundation.  She gained her  digital training at Nicholls State University and has refined her skills  in working for  our firm and several non-profits.  She offers the perspective of the millennial  generation.   Her fresh perspective enables us to use digital communication platforms to their fullest potential.  In Jennifer’s leisure time she likes to kick box and enjoy the company of her canine and feline pets.