Marc Goldstein


Creative Spirit

This well never runs dry. Marc uses an innovative approach for each and every project.

Drive to Excellence

He will go anywhere, do anything to achieve the best result for a client.

Sense of Humor

We need something here for strengths.

Technical Expertise

Marc has never rested on the current technology but always has incorporated the latest software, images and cameras in his work.  Experience plus technology is a wonderful combination.

Marc’s Strengths

Marc will go to any length of effort, research and creative thinking to tell the client’s story. He is tenacious and driven by high standards of video production.  When he was working on a Ted Talk for a client he found 30 year old film, the person who knew the story behind the film and he converted it to video and integrated it into the overall presentation.  This is typical of his ambition to achieve the very best end result for a client.

  • Tenacity 100%
  • Creativity 100%
  • Story Telling 100%
  • Southern Accent 25%

About Marc

Marc has a 30 year track record of success producing videos for some of the most recognizable corporate brands—Georgia Pacific, Dow Chemical,  AT&T, Fox Television, ESPN, the History Channel, CNN and Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center.  Marc approaches his craft with the eyes of a designer and perspective of a news director. Marc is a graduate of Louisiana State University and previously was news director at Channel 33 in Baton Rouge.  He has been an innovator in his field and has won more than 25 Latern Awards for Excellence in Public Relations and a Gold Addy Award in the Advertising field in addition to Telly awards for video production.  Marc’s only fault is that he is originally from New Jersey and he is still working on his southern accent.  He does like his southern counterparts have a passion for LSU football and excellent movies