Otey White

Marketing and Branding Professional


Otey pushes every team member to do their very best. He stretches the thought process on each project.


Otey will lead to get the result that the client wants even if it requires extra time and effort.


Otey never settles for the status quo but tries to see a different and bolder perspective.


Otey learned the art of persuasion at an early age and he has been perfecting it since that time.

Otey’s Strengths

Salesmanship, marketing and  the ability to “think big,” are Otey’s key strengths.  He never settles for the mediocre or average but always pushes beyond the present borders of a project.  He is a team leader and will motivate each team member to do their very best.

  • Leadership 100%
  • Salesmanship 100%
  • Innovation 100%
  • Tiger Fan 100%

About Otey

With over 25 years of local, regional and national experience, Otey White and his associates are  key team members of TCI.  They bring muscle and creativity to the marketing, advertising and branding issues of clients.  Otey is a graduate of the Manship School of Mass Communication at Louisiana State University.  He was an adjunct  instructor for several years teaching advertising and marketing to all level of students.  Otey is a superb writer and  ad campaign creator and manager.  He has experience in both service and product industries and has helped to grow firms from the start up  phase to national prominence.  His business acumen matches his creativity.  Otey brings a sales and marketing mentality to all TCI projects and that helps us to be extremely successful.  He is motivating and always has a “think big” mentality.

He has been selected as a Top 40 under 40 by The Baton Rouge Business report and he has been recognized for excellence in his field by being awarded the Pete Goldsby Award for outstanding advertising achievements and Lantern awards for public relations excellence.

However, Otey’s love of all LSU sports is without compare.  He attends all LSU sporting events wherever they may be.  He is a huge supporter of the Tiger Athletic Foundation and can be found in Tiger Stadium on Saturday nights in the Fall.