Silas Lee, PhD.

Research Professional


Getting to the heart of the matter with clients and survey participants is the core skill of a pollster and Dr. Lee excels in this area.



Taking complex issues and analyzing them and presenting the data in an understandable format is  an area of excellence for Dr. Lee. He has a way of explaining complex issues so that anyone can understand their essence.


Dr. Lee makes persuasive arguments with hard core data.  He give clients the ammunition they need to wage political war and win.

Professional Personality

Dr. Lee relates well to very different audiences from college students to corporate leaders.  He has the ability to listen and respond to a diversity of people and issues.

Silas’ Strengths

Dr. Lee is an extremely effective communicator in client meetings, broadcast interviews, on digital platforms and in team meetings.  As a researcher he is very analytical and data driven which creates a solid foundation for successful campaigns.  He can lead a team or be a member which is a wonderful trait when various projects require the participation of different team members.

  • Effective Communicator 100%
  • Analytical Thinker 100%
  • Educator 100%
  • N.O. Restaurant Patron 85%

About Silas

Dr. Lee is the “go to” political analyst and public opinion pollster  in the New Orleans market.  He is frequently seen on national and local TV during election coverage.  Dr. Lee works on national, regional and local political campaigns and he is the endowed Ernest N. Morial professor of sociology at  Xavier University of Louisiana.   He provides political support and insight to the TCI team especially on healthcare and issue campaigns.  With his 30 years of experience, his perspective is invaluable in our hospital tax elections and high profile issues.